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Welcome to Split Tea

Get The Most Out Of Your Tea

What is Split Tea?

Split Tea is my solution on stretching each tea bag to get as much tea out of it. We all know there's enough tea in each tea bag to get two cups of tea, specially when it's the good stuff. But the first cup is always stronger than the second cup. So my solution was to simply split the tea bag down the middle to efficiently get two cups of tea without one being stronger then the other. It's the same amount of tea in each tea bag as the ones you buy at the store but packaged differently. This way you can enjoy your tea and have it last twice as long as you normally would! I not only set out to make my solution a reality but also to create the best tea bag as possible for enjoying your cup of tea. We've chosen a high quality whole leaf tea and a filter paper made from natural ingredients. 

ALL shipping is $5 no matter how many you buy or where in the U.S. you want it shipped, so give us a try! :)

"This is the smartest invention ever!"

My Mom

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